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About Alan E. Cohen
Unlike those in this business who are only interested in profits, I consider myself as much a philatelic historian as a "stamp dealer." I am a longtime student of US philately, with an appreciation of what it is to be a collector like you.

I've been collecting stamps since childhood. From the age of 8, I visited my local stamp store and attended stamp shows, always seeking to become better informed. I not only learned a good deal of world geography and history but I also discovered the joy and excitement that comes from filling a hole in my album. Today I have shifted my attention to collecting philatelic literature and expend a great deal of time and effort collecting reference books and auction catalogues concerning United States philately. I currently have one of the largest libraries in private hands.

Upon graduation from college in 1974, I began my professional career in philately, and worked for major auction houses from 1974 through mid-1989. This experience enabled me to handle much more material than an average retail dealer. The education I gained during this time was invaluable in helping me to learn US philately. With this firm foundation, I launched my career as a retail dealer.

Over the years, I've become a member of many collector societies: Collectors Club of New York, Classics Society, American Philatelic Society, United States Stamp Society and Carriers & Locals Society, Society. In addition, I am a recognized dealer by the American Philatelic Society.

The knowledge that I employ as a consultant for the Philatelic Foundation's expertizing committee can be put to service for you. I hope you'll offer me the chance to utilize my experience and expertise for the benefit of your collection.

Alan E. Cohen

Premium Quality Stamps for Collectors
phone (212) 280-7865
P.O.Box 929, Cathedral Station
New York, NY 10025

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